Cap The Cleanout

Why replace a damaged or missing cap?
• to PREVENT rainwater from entering the sewer system
• to KEEP debris out of the service lines which can cause blockages and lead to backups in your home
• it HELPS prolong the life of the sewer system which can save money from costly repairs
• it PREVENTS small animals and rodents from entering the sewer system and possibly your home

What is a cleanout?
• A cleanout is a vertical pipe connected to the underground sewer line. They are typically located near the home and close to the property line. It has a removable cap for ease of maintenance access. It’s important to know the location of your cleanout in case you or your plumber need quick access to the sewer system.

How to replace a cleanout cap
LRW will install a cap for you at no cost or if you choose to replace the cap yourself, LRW will provide you with a free cap. Below is a do it yourself guide to replacing a cleanout cap.
1. Determine the type of cap needed. PVC or Brass
2. Remove damaged cap (if cap is completely missing go to step 3)
3. Screw cap on clockwise then tighten using pliers, pipe wrench or channel locks.

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