Commercial/Industrial Rates & Availability

Commercial and Industrial Rates and Information

Commercial and Industrial customer charges are based on the water metered during the current month. Some commercial and industrial customers that do not return water to the wastewater collection system can request a diversion flow meter that is installed and maintained at the user's expense. These meters must be inspected prior to operation and must be available for inspection by LRW staff.
Commercial customers are billed based on three charges: Service Availability, Volumetric Charge for Operations and Volumetric Charge for Debt Repayment. The service availability charge is the minimum monthly bill that includes meter size. The volumetric charge starts at 0 cubic feet for the month and is based on your water usage. For more information, please view the Complete Rate Ordinance.

Service Availability Charge

(Rates Effective January 1, 2017)
Size Water Meter Furnishing Water
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits
5/8" $ 10.78 $ 16.17
3/4" $ 13.88 $ 20.82
1" $ 20.99

$ 31.49

1 1/2" $ 37.06 $ 55.59
2" $ 57.51 $ 86.26
3" $ 105.11 $ 157.66
4" $ 173.30 $ 259.95
6" or larger $ 343.71 $ 515.56

Volumetric Charge (Operations)

Rates Effective January 1, 2017
Volume of Water Consumed
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits

Per 100 cu. ft

$ 2.88

$ 4.33

Volumetric Charge (Debt Repayment)

Rates Effective January 1, 2017
Volume of Water Consumed
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits

Per 100 cu. ft

$ 2.51

$ 3.78

Connection Fees

Consolidated Fee Schedule

Wastewater Treatment

Commercial and industrial customers are required to provide wastewater treatment as necessary to comply with the LRW Ordinance and any facilities necessary for compliance are provided, operated and maintained at the customer's expense. Detailed plans describing such facilities and operating procedures must be submitted to LRW for review and approval.

The pretreatment ordinance was developed to regulate the discharge of industrial wastewater to the public sewer system. In addition to regulating the public sewer systems, this ordinance gives LRW the authority to penalize violators that disturb the public sewer system.

Pretreatment Ordinance

Commercial and industrial customers are responsible and must also comply with all state and federal regulations applicable to their specific operations. The following are links for access to state and federal regulations and requirements:

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

US Environmental Protection Agency

Building Sewer Permits and Fees

A building sewer permit is required for all residential, commercial and industrial connections to the sanitary sewer system. The owner or agent must use a special form provided by LRW to request the permit and the application is supplemented by any plans, specifications or other information considered pertinent. A permit and inspection fee for residential, commercial and industrial building sewer connections is required at the time the application is filed. At the same time, a connection fee must be paid in proportion to the sewage treatment capacity required by the connected facility based on a schedule adopted by the Sewer Committee of Little Rock Wastewater.

Contact the Little Rock Wastewater permits desk at 688-1420 or visit the permits desk at 11 Clearwater Drive, for any questions regarding connection or permit fees.

For even more information regarding commercial connections you may submit your request through the LRW Request system.

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