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Little Rock Wastewater has made a huge leap towards a cleaner, environmentally affable future with our Can the Grease© program. Can the Grease© was started as a way to educate our 63,000 customers on the proper disposal of grease and oils. Grease and oil build up is responsible for 70-80% of our dry weather overflows. Our Can the Grease© program offers a solution to the non-capacity overflow problem. We educate the public on proper grease disposal and provide an aluminum can with heat resistant liners for the residents to dispose of their grease and oils. All of this we supply the public free of charge.

Can the Grease© began Friday, July 19, 2002 with door-to-door distribution. We picked 4 strategic areas of Little Rock that needed grease relief immediately. We passed out kits that included the Can the Grease© can, 6 heat resistant liners, magnets with a mail in coupon for a free refill of liners, and a brochure on how to keep your sewer lines free of grease build up. We also arranged for a local TV station to come out so we could demonstrate on the air how Can the Grease© worked.

Two months before we began our program there were 11 dry weather overflows for that entire month. This was mainly attributed to grease in the lines. In 2006, our city experienced 13 grease related dry weather overflows for the entire year.

As our program continues, as more and more of our city's citizens are receiving Can the Grease©, we are spreading awareness and continuing to see improved sewer lines. This schema has been a great triumph for our organization, for the public, and for the environment. Little Rock Wastewater has bettered its community and inspired other communities to do the same. If you have any questions or concerns about this issue or other related issues do not hesitate to contact us.

Here are some other things to keep in mind. Never flush, rinse or wash the following down the drain:

  • Medication (pills, creams, etc.)
  • Most automotive fluids
  • Car wax
  • Most paint, glue, and thinner
  • Poison and/or insecticide
  • Kerosene and/or lighter fluid
  • Oven, floor and furniture cleaner
  • Primer
  • Fertilizer
  • Nail, shoe and/or metal polish
  • Battery acid
  • Fiberglass Epoxy
  • Photographic chemicals
  • Moth balls


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