SEWER LINE LOCATOR - To view sewer line locations and other utility structures.

PROJECT RENEW - To find out how Project Renew is improving your area.

SEWER SERVICE LINE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM - To see up-to-date information regarding the Sewer Service Line Replacement Program.

Disclaimer: The data contained in this application was compiled from various sources for the sole use and benefit of the Little Rock Wastewater Utility (LRWU) and affiliated organizations and is provided to the public at the discretion of LRWU. Any use of this application by anyone other than as stated is at the sole risk of the user. In doing so the user does not hold LRWU or its affiliated organizations liable for any claims, costs, or damages of any nature, including costs of defense arising from improper use or use by another party. Acceptance or use of this application is done without any expressed or implied warranties. LRWU reserves the right to deny access to this application at any time.

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