Where Does Your Money Go?

The Little Rock Wastewater understands that every dollar you earn is important to you. So it is important to us that your dollars be spent wisely in creating a better quality of life for you and your family.

Today, the average Little Rock customer has an Average Winter Consumption (AWC) of 6 and the total wastewater charge on the average domestic bill in Little Rock is $31.71. Your money goes for collection system maintenance, sewage treatment, capital improvements and debt payments.


*Chart is based on 2015 Financial Audit


32.16% Collection
Maintenance of facilities such as pipes, pump stations, and other facilities used to transport wastewater.
44.99% Debt Payments
For principal and interest payments for State Revolving Loans (1996, 2004A, 2004B, 2004C, 2007B, 2009A, 2013); the 2007A Sewer Bond, 2007C Sewer Bond, 2008 Sewer Bond, 2009B Sewer Bond, 2011 Sewer Bond, 2012 Sewer Bond, 2014 Sewer Bond, and 2015 Sewer Bond.
16.13% Treatment
System operations at the Adams Field, Fourche Creek, and Little Maumelle Treatment Facilities.
6.72% Capital Improvements
Includes improvements to the collection system, pump stations, transportation equipment, general plant, wastewater treatment plant and unsewered areas.

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