LRW Ordinances

The Little Rock Wastewater is regulated by ordinances. These ordinances are submitted by the Little Rock Wastewater Sewer Committee for approval by the City of Little Rock Board of Directors. Currently, LRW has three types of ordinances that pertain to public and private sewer services. Those ordinances are rate, general and pretreatment.
Rate Ordinance
The rate ordinance establishes the monthly sewer rates so that the rates are adequate to pay the principal and interest on sewer revenue bonds, to provide an adequate depreciation fund and to provide coverage on estimated cost of operating and maintaining the sewer system. To read the complete ordinance, download the PDF.
Sewer Service Line Replacement Program Ordinance

The Sewer Service Line Replacement Program ordinance establishes an additional monthly charge of $1.00 which shall used by the Sewer Committee to fund and maintain the program. This program will reimburse eligible domestic customers for the costs of total service line replacement up to a maximum of $2,500. To read the complete ordinance, download the PDF.

General Ordinances

The public and private sewer ordinances encompass the following services provided by Little Rock Wastewater:

  • Use of Public Sewers Required
  • Private Sewage Disposal
  • The Installation, Construction, Maintenance, and Connection of Building Sewers
  • Protection from Damage
  • Disconnecting Sewers
  • Providing Penalties for Violations

Read the complete ordinances, download the PDF.

Pretreatment Ordinance

The pretreatment ordinance was developed to regulate the discharge of commercial and industrial wastewater into the public sewer system. In addition to regulating the use of the public sewer systems, this ordinance gives the Little Rock Wastewater the authority to require the installation of pretreatment devices and to penalize those who violate the pretreatment ordinance. To read the complete ordinance, download the PDF.

Economic Development

Economic growth impacts the LRW as new developments and businesses move into the city limits. Building Little Rock and growing the economy is the job of every citizen and employee, no matter where you work. At LRW, we strive to provide the resources for businesses to expand and develop with an infrastructure that meets and exceeds usage demands.

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