Residential Rates & Availability

Residential Customer Rates and Information

Residential rates are based on a Service Availability Charge or base rate, Volumetric Charge for Operations and a Volumetric Charge for Debt Repayment with Volumetric Charges determined by the amount of water used. Water usage is measured in CCF, or is Hundred Cubic Feet.  For example, 1 CCF is equal to 750 gallons.  These three components determine the amount of the monthly bill for sewer charges. For more information, please view the Complete Rate Ordinance.

Service Availability Charge

(Rates Effective January 1, 2017)
Size Water Meter Furnishing Water
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits
5/8" $ 10.78 $ 16.17
3/4" $ 13.88 $ 20.82
1" $ 20.99 $ 31.49

Volumetric Charge (Operations)

(Rates Effective January 1, 2017)
Volume of Water Consumed
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits

Per 100 cu. ft



Volumetric Charge (Debt Repayment)

(Rates Effective January 1, 2017)
Volume of Water Consumed
Inside City Limits
Outside City Limits

Per 100 cu. ft



Average Winter Consumption (AWC)

This billing process began for residential customers when the City of Little Rock Board of Directors passed Ordinance 18,752 on September 17, 2002. The current Ordinance 20,594 continues on with this billing method.

Customers are billed on the average winter consumption (AWC). The AWC is based on the billing months of October, November, December, January, February, and March. The customer must have consumption greater than zero in three of the six months. Once the average is computed, the customer is assigned an AWC.

If the customer has a change in actual consumption records during the AWC period, the customer may make a written request asking for a review of his/her AWC to Little Rock Wastewater, Accounting Dept, 11 Clearwater Drive., Little Rock, AR 72204 or you can email LRW Customer Service at

Those new residential customers who do not meet the criteria will be billed on actual consumption until an AWC can be calculated. The AWC calculations for the new customers are done in April of each year.

Wastewater Rate Subsidy Program

A customer may qualify for payment of sewer rates payable according to the Wastewater Rate Subsidy Program by submitting a written application, as provided by the City of Little Rock Department of Public Works, Solid Waste Division for the Solid Waste Fee Increase Subsidy Program, and if approved by Little Rock Wastewater, such customer will pay the minimum service availability charge for the size water meter located at the customer's residence.

Applications and assistance can be obtained by contacting any Little Rock Alert Facility or click here.

Connection Fees

Consolidated Fee Schedule

Building Sewer Permits and Fees

A building sewer permit is required for all residential, commercial and industrial connections to the sanitary sewer system. The owner or agent must use a special form provided by LRW to request the permit and the application is supplemented by any plans, specifications or other information considered pertinent. A permit and inspection fee for residential, commercial and industrial building sewer connections is required at the time the application is filed. At the same time, a connection fee must be paid in proportion to the sewage treatment capacity required by the connected facility based on a schedule adopted by the Sewer Committee of Little Rock Wastewater.

Contact the Little Rock Wastewater permits desk at 688-1420 or visit the permits desk at 11 Clearwater Drive, for any questions regarding connection or permit fees.


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