The Sewer Service Line Replacement Program

The Sewer Service Line Replacement Program will go into effect January 2, 2013 to aid eligible Little Rock domestic customers with the cost for total replacement of their sewer service line by reimbursing up to a maximum of $2,500.00. This Program is an ongoing effort to reduce inflow and infiltration that increases the cost of sanitary sewer collection and treatment as well as the customer's monthly bill.

How Does It Work?

Once the domestic customer has been made aware of the need for a total service line replacement by either their own investigation or are notified as a result of smoke testing by LRW, the domestic customer can then request a Sewer Service Line Replacement Program application from LRW. When LRW receives the application, LRW will make a site visit to determine if the domestic customer’s service line qualifies for this program. If it does, the next step is for the domestic customer or a licensed Master Plumber to obtain a permit and then begin the work. Once the work is completed, LRW will be called for the final inspection. If the work that was completed passes the LRW inspection, the domestic customer will then submit all invoices including plumbers invoice and LRW Permit Fees if applicable to LRW. LRW will then issue a reimbursement check back to the domestic customer for up to maximum of $2,500.00. To find out more about the Program Procedures, click here.


Step By Step

Details, Documents, and Forms

With the recommendation of the Little Rock Water Reclamation Commission (formerly the Little Rock Sanitary Sewer Committee), the Little Rock Board of Directors on June 5, 2012 passed Ordinance No. 20,950 which established the Sewer Service Line Replacement (SSLR) Program. The SSLR Program is funded by the addition of $1 to the monthly residential bill of all domestic costumers having a water meter of 3/4" or less.  All funds collected for the Program are placed in a special fund that is only used for reimbursements to eligible participants in the program. Maximum reimbursement to any eligible participant was established at $2500.
Beginning January 4, 2016, an alternate funding source will become available when specified conditions are met by the domestic customer. The SSLR Program Procedures were revised to clarify the optional requirements to qualify for this funding source. The overall effect of the revision is to provide additional funds for qualifying domestic customers to completely replace their failing sewer service line and be eligible for the $2500 maximum reimbursement.
The SSLR Program was designed to encourage the total replacement of older sewer service lines which contribute to the infiltration of storm water into the Little Rock Wastewater Collection System. Replacement of older sewer service lines will reduce costs associated with adding additional capacity to the Collection System as well as reducing the amount of sewage flow to the Little Rock Wastewater Treatment Plants.
For further information on the procedures of the Program see the links provided below:


SSLRP Procedures

SSLRP Inspection Scheduling Procedures

SSLRP Ordinance - 20,590

LRW Street-Cut Policy

Standard Specifications

Customer Application Form


The SSLRP is a program designed to assist eligible residential Property Owners with the cost of total replacement of the private sewer service line.

The service line is the plumbing connection extending five (5) feet from the residence to the sanitary sewer main. The service line is part of the Property Owners' assets. It is the Property Owners' responsibility to maintain, and when necessary to repair or replace defective sewer service line.

There are several factors which can influence the life span of a service line including;
Pipe Material
Ground Conditions
Trees and Other Plants
The Property Owners may notice or be experiencing difficulties with slow drains and backups. The service line may require total replacement when any of the above factors renders the line incapable of performing its job of moving wastewater from the property to the sanitary sewer collection system. In general, a qualified Master Plumber should be able to advise a Property Owner whether the service line can be fixed through repair or if a total replacement is required.

Little Rock Wastewater (LRW) conducts smoke testing during capital projects in order to determine if there is Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) on existing mains. This is a large scale endeavor covering multiple sewer lines and the associated service lines. LRW does NOT conduct smoke testing on individual Property Owners sewer service lines.

The Property Owners of a single-family residence that utilize meters of 3/4 inch or less, and are customers of LRW.

Contact the Property Owner or Property Management Company for further instructions on how to best proceed.

If the Property Owners has been made aware either through their own investigation (plumber) or has received a letter from LRW stating that the sewer service line failed smoke testing thus requiring a repair or replacement, then the Property Owner may apply to the SSLR Program by following the SSLR Program Procedure to determine eligibility. Applications can be obtained in person at LRW at 11 Clearwater Drive, Little Rock Arkansas, on the webpage for the Sewer Service Line Replacement Program, or by calling LRW at 501-688-1426 or 501-688-1420.

After the application has been reviewed by LRW a site visit may be scheduled so that an eligibility determination can be made. Factors which are considered for eligibility are pipe age, pipe material, pipe condition. Older pipes which do not meet the current LRW specification for pipe materials (LRW Standard Specifications 02610), pipes which are deteriorated and are allowing inflow and infiltration of ground water or which have collapsed qualify for the SSLRP. Full program procedures are available on the SSLRP webpage or by calling 501-688-1426 or 501-688-1420.

Eligible participants for the SSLRP can be reimbursed for their expenses towards total replacement of the sewer service line up to $2,500. After completion of the work and submittal to LRW of the Reimbursement Form customers will be issued a check for the eligible reimbursement amount usually within two weeks of submittal.

In June 2012 The Little Rock Board of Directors passed Ordinance No. 20,590, which named the ordinance the “Sewer Service Line Replacement Program.” Ordinance No. 20,590 implemented funding for the Sewer Service Line Replacement Program (SSLRP) through the addition of $1 to the sewer bill for each residential service line under 3/4 inches. This money is placed in a special fund from which only reimbursements through the SSLRP can be withdrawn, assuring that the money is returned to the rate payers of the City of Little Rock.

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